arranging a funeral

Dempsey & Forrest are pleased to be able to offer the unique service of Horse Drawn Funerals.

In the year of 2006 Dempsey & Forrest conducted a Horse Drawn Funeral in Wanganui, which was the first for over 80 years.

This particular family requested that the horses travel through Victoria Avenue. The remarkable sight and the sound of the horses hooves on the road was something quite incredible. Bringing back the tradition of 1800’s family funerals.

In the year of 2007, James Forrest spent time with a funeral home in the centre of London, Great Britain.

James had always wanted to experience the traditions of English style funerals. The company he spent time working with specialise in traditional Horse Drawn Funerals.

He was able to bring back the knowledge and experience he gained to Dempsey & Forrest.