arranging a funeral

“Agna” – 1935 Austin Hearse

We imported Agna from Lancashire, UK. Agna has featured in the popular television series “Last of the Summer Wine” and “The Bill” she has also appeared on TV1 news and more recently in the New Zealand film “The Predicament”. She has become well known since arriving to us in Wanganui and now assists us on many of our funerals with families often requesting her by name.


The latest addition to our vehicle fleet is our 1937 President 8 Superior Studebaker. This vehicle was imported brand new by a funeral home in Hamilton in 1937. Jim & James managed to find him in Nelson and were very keen to have him join the fleet as Jim’s father owned a 1923 Studebaker Hearse.

We are very proud of the fact that our two vintage hearses are the only authentic factory built hearses serving the Wanganui Region.

Ford Fairlane

This is our most modern hearse that was built in Melbourne, Australia by a company that specialise in manufacturing Ford Hearse’s.

The large side windows allow the entire casket and flowers to be seen. The fairlane is nicknamed by us as the Stretch due to its long length.


Holden Commodore

The commodore is a standard holden vehicle with dark tinted windows. For a family wishing to get away from the traditional black vehicle, we can offer the white hearse. The commodore is the vehicle we use to go to the hospital, home, or place where a person has passed away.