the venues

Where the funeral service is held is an important aspect of funeral planning.

If a person is a member of a religious denomination, often the service will be held in their local church.

When arranging a large funeral, families sometimes choose another venue appropriate to the large number of people likely to attend. Here in Wanganui some examples are the Eulogy Lounge and the Wanganui Room at the Function Centre at the Wanganui Race Course, or the Royal Wanganui Opera House. 

A funeral service can also be held at the Crematorium Chapel, the family home or any other setting significant to the person who has passed away and their family.
As examples of the options available to you, we have conducted funerals on:

The Wairua Wanganui River Boat;
Bason Reserve;
Aramoho and Union Rowing Club rooms;
Wanganui War Memorial Hall;:
Duncan Pavillion;
Aramoho Bowling Club; and
Castlecliff Club.